• Paint Collar

    An online platform for independent artists, educational institutions and brands to create merchandise.


    Paintcollar enables artists, designers, institutions and brands to create products like T-shirts and phone cases by uploading designs on product templates using their Creation Engine. These products then go live on the marketplace and all orders are fulfilled by Paintcollar. Paintcollar also offers the platform as a white label solution for brands.


    “Paintcollar was looking to raise funds during a tough time in the market.


    Applyifi's scorecard system helped us ask ourselves tough questions about aspects of the business that we had previously overlooked and it gave us a pretty comprehensive evaluation. Prajakt's guidance over the last year has been invaluable in helping us scale up. Working with Applyifi steered us in the right direction and also helped us connect with the right investors.”

    Amogh Vaishampayan, co-founder of Paintcollar.


    One Way Cab

    One of the leading one way tai aggregators in India, One Way Can is an online marketplace that brings professionalism, dependability and improved economics in the inter-city travel business.


    "Before you reach out to investors for fund raising, it is imperative to ask : Are we ready to raise the funds? What are the requisites to raise funds? It is important as fund-raising is an intense and time-taking exercise and your approach has to be right first time as you may not get second chance with the same investor.


    Applyifi helped us in getting ready for same. In addition, their experience with prior fund-raising & advice helped us make better & informed choices."

    Vivek Kejriwal, co-founder One-Way-Cab.



    Vehico (Meta IoT)

    Vehico plugs into the On-Board Diagnostics (BD) port of cars to provide you real-time tracking, diagnostics like fuel-consumption, vehicle health, accident detection, driver performance management & monitoring. Think of it as a Fitbit for cars.


    "Fundraising is really, really difficult in these times, even more so for a first time entrepreneur. Fortunately for us Applyifi, especially Prajakt, has been immensely helpful and supportive in this journey. He is immensely connected and due to his network and contacts, our fundraising process got streamlined and it provided us with the required traction in the generally noisy startup-investor market.


    For any startup looking to raise their seed round I would absolutely recommend connecting with Prajakt Raut and Applyifi"

    Abhishek Chatterjee, founder Meta IoT / Vehico.




    Vahann is making an electric moped that folds into a stroller bag that you can drag along.


    “Fundraising is very exciting, as someone starts believing in your ideas and you can work on your dreams. It is a confidence boosting process but also can be a very tedious and long, especially for a novice entrepreneur.


    I was very lucky to gain support and guidance from Prajakt and Applyifi Team in the complete process. They made the whole process from making a pitch to finalizing SHA very easy and smooth. Also, the team never interferes or sabotage your decision; they just guide you at every important step.”

    Angad Singi, founder - Vahann



    Easy Gov

    An online platform that makes it easier for individuals to access government services like passport, driving license, Aadhar Card, etc.


    It is super frustrating for individuals to apply for and avail government services like passport, licenses, various registrations, Aadhar card, etc. The process is unclear, the UI confusing and the overall experience is frustrating. Unprofessional and rude touts rule the government services infrastructure.


    EASYGOV provides a super-simple UI to help individuals access government services, and help them end-to-end in getting these services.



    Cloud based HR tools for emerging businesses, enabling them to automate & run enterprise-class HR practices without depending on senior HR resources.


    Small businesses are today stuck between fully human delivered HR to complex softwares that need HR experts to set up & run.


    That's why Plug HR created an online tool that has best practices built in and one that enterprises can just switch on and use, will find favor.




    Technology platform connecting brands, distributors and retailers.


    FMCG and Pharma distribution eco-system in India is one of the most inefficient in the world. Fragmented & small-scale distributor and retailer operations - Results in near zero technology - Results in significantly higher logistics and distribution costs which are significantly higher than global average.


    eVyapaar is building a technology led shared-services platform Technology to significantly improve efficiencies and positively impact brands, distributors and retailers.


    " Working with APPLYIFI has been an extremely productive engagement . Right from the time your proposal is appraised and rated; you get a distinct understanding of their objective and professional approach to the process. Not only are they looking at partnering but also putting an honest appraisal on the table, with relevant and comprehensive parameters.With Prajakt you engage with a thorough professional who understands as much about the entrepreneur mind set as about the investor. During the course of the discussions you get insights not just about the industry but also tips about your venture."


    Mohit Chobey - Co-founder eVyapaar




    Project Management & Collaboration Tool for construction and construction Project Management Companies.


    Their flagship product, Ayogoa, enables construction companies and builders to Plan, Execute and Monitor projects in the Cloud and mobile devices, engage customers and vendors “end to end” by connecting project plan, engineering data, and field resources through IoT devices, and helps them extends collaboration to end customer i.e. house buyers, office buyers, etc.




    A platform for amateur and professional photographers to share, showcase and monetize their art.


    PicsDream is creating the world’s largest community and marketplace for photographers.


    Social media sites compress pics. What you will get back is much lower quality, Storage sites do not allow you to share. Neither of them allow you to showcase and monetize. On PicsDream photographers can store, share, organize and monetize their pics on our marketplace.




    Customer Experience measurement & management solution for multi-outlet businesses.


    Survaider is a SaaS solution for multi-outlet businesses to get and resolve customer feedback in real-time. Allows businesses to resolve consumer complaints in real time (e.g. at time of check-out in a hotel), rather than act on feedback post feedback processing.



    • Super easy Online Survey creation and management
    • Seamless interaction with CRM systems for instant handling of customer feedback, including resolving complaints via the front-office staff
    • Awesome reports, drilled down to individual properties
    • Rank, benchmark all business outlets across different customer experience parameters
    • A/B test in the real world. Implement any temporary change in just one of your outlets, and measure customer satisfaction responding to that change.





    Edtech venture creating a virtual world for students and teachers to explore and interact on content together. Edorble bring a classroom-like feel on their online platform on which teachers can create private communities for their students.


    "Applyifi has been an incredible source of knowledge, honest feedback, and connections for our startup. Their Scorecard was not only a valuable asset for our team, but it was a tangible piece of due diligence we could show investors. Beyond the Scorecard, members of Applyifi made the right introductions at the right time, allowing us to raise our seed round of funding. The crew at Applyifi are supportive, accessible, and insightful."

    Gabe Baker, founder and CEO, Edorble



    kontent Factory

    kontent Factory helps brands create, nurture and strengthen their brand equity through content, outreach, PR and engagement through mainline & online media, social media and online forums.


    They help clients - startups and individuals - create content, and populate it on social media and relevant online publications.


    "Prajakt has been extremely helpful in helping us set up the business. While our venture was not VC fundable, Prajakt helped us understand why, and helped us build the foundation of a sustainable business that we love running. Absolutely delighted to be now associated with "Applyifi as their content partners.

    R Bhatia, founder and CEO, kontent Factory



    Pick My Laundry

    Started in May 2015 by IIT alumni Gaurav Agrawal, Ankur Jain and Samar Sisodia, PickMyLaundry is an online laundry booking startup that offers affordable solution for premium washing, dry-cleaning services, and wardrobe management.


    The company not only caters to B2C customers, but also engages with B2B clients including expats and employees of established startups like Snapdeal, Tripoto, Moovo, Oyo Rooms etc. The startup assures doorstep pickup and 48 hours delivery time.



    i Custom Made It

    Online marketplace enabling buyers to customize products from curated artisans. E.g. watches, jewelry, motorcycles, footwear, furniture, wallets, gifts, etc.


    Customers can create bespoke products or buy existing products and customize it. ICIM hand-holds the customer and artiste in the process end-to-end.



    IOXY's employee on-boarding platform engages a new hiree from the time of offer letter, and the engagement level predicts the probability of a ‘No Show’ on joining day. (Big challenge for companies - 37% no-show, and 6% first-day attrition rates).


    It also helps reduce early-attrition via a behaviour-science based engagement model.


    A growth-stage online learning company with a proven, significantly superior platform.


    Learntron is designed to make it super easy for educators to go online with experiences that are wholesome and engaging for the learner.


    They have but a robust online learning platform that integrates multi-format CMS + LMS + Classroom Management to provide a comprehensive solution.

    Right Vendors


    Cloud based vendor management and vendor discovery platform.


    Currently focusing on the construction industry. Product relevant for several industries like healthcare, hospitality, aviation, manufacturing, etc.


    According to Ravi Sankar, founder of Right Vendors, "

    Associating with applyifi.com transformed our product.

    Their inputs on the name of our web platform, design, expressing the business in brief, are invaluable and completely changed the product for better.

    Their guidance on market analysis, business plan and pricing strategy provided a lot of insights and enabled our product to evolve in a structured way."


    About Applyifi Fund Raising Assistance Program

    Here’s what covered in the Applyifi Fund Raising Assistance Program


    (Startups have raised between Rs.50 lacs to Rs.3 cr. with our help)


    Part 1: Advice and assist the Company on reviewing and improving its business model, strategy and investor pitch deck, and will cover the aspects specified below:

    • Help the Company refine the business plan, including provide perspectives on business strategy and a clear road map so as to make the business attractive to investors.
    • Help the company prepare a comprehensive business case (excel sheet) for a two-year projection, based on which an appropriate fund raising plan will be suggested
    • Help the company create an impactful investor pitch deck 
    • Help the founders practice their pitch to investors


    Part 2: Investor connect and assist in deal closure

    • Applyifi will connect with investors, present the business case and on ascertaining interest, connect the founders to the investors for further discussions 
    • Advisory and discussions on term sheet and representing the startups interest in negotiations with investors
    • Assistance and advising on financial and legal due diligence
    • Advise on Shareholder’s Agreement
    • Advising on Financial Structuring of transaction
    • Assist in closure of transaction
    Visit www.applyifi.com for details.
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